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300C/SRT-8 Comparison

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I've seen people ask if it's worth going from a 300C to the SRT-8. The answer to that depends on the person and why they would want to jump up to the next level. The 300C is an awesome car to drive. I was very happy with mine during the 15 months that I owned it. Sporty, comfortable and good handling are a few ways to describe that car. A quick look doesn't tell most people that it's capable of running low 14s right out of the factory. The SRT-8 takes an award winning car and cranks it up a few notches. You go from a sporty car to one that feels like it would be at home running hard through twisty mountain roads or tearing up the 1/4 mile. Now we are talking weekend race car material here! Don't let this description scare the non-racers! All versions of the Chrysler 300 can also be classified as "classy". Get dressed up and take your wife/girlfriend out to a nice restaurant. This car will turn heads anywhere it goes. It has the looks and quality to equal some of the more expensive luxury cars.

I drove my 300C 270 miles to a dealer in NJ on Saturday and drove 270 miles home in my new SRT-8. What do I think of this car? Awesome! Absolutely awesome! I was impressed with the 300C and really, really like the SRT-8. I've liked speed since I was a little kid. This car satisfies that need and also takes care of something else that I like. That is a comfortable/luxury car. This one vehicle is covering all of the bases and hits a home run to be a winner in my book!

The seats are sporty but VERY comfortable. No complaints about the 300C seats. I've found them to be comfortable and be very well matched to the car. Looking at the SRT-8 seats I thought "hum... those might feel like racing seats". The first time I sat in the car I found that they fit like a glove. They provide plenty of support all around and are great for a long road trip. I'm 5'11, 170 lbs so some might find that these seats fit them a little different.

The suspension is a little firmer than my 300C was but the ride is still good. You can feel the road more than in the "C" and steering is more responsive.

Fuel economy is about 2.5 MPG less than the 300C. I got 22.6 on the way to the dealer and the SRT-8 got 20.2 on the way home. Those numbers were based on doing 70-80 MPH most of the way. I filled the new car up about 50 miles from home and did 65 for awhile. Mileage jumped up to 21.3 so I guess it does help to drive slower. That is hard to do in this car because there is plenty of horsepower on tap when your right foot is thirsty for some more MPHs!

The 300C is no slouch! Low 14s stock. Some are even running very high 13s with no mods. Plenty of power for passing or merging into traffic. The SRT-8 allows you to work some muscles while your behind the wheel. Those would be facial muscles. The ones that make you smile every time you lay into the throttle. I mentioned that most people don't expect a 300C to run low 14s when they look at it. Even less people would think the SRT-8 would run low 13s, high 12s and in some cases mid 12s stock. Yes, totally stock!!! This 4 door luxury car is faster than alot of sports cars on the road! And, with a top speed of over 170 MPH, it will leave alot of European luxury cars behind when their electronic limiter stops the fun at 155 MPH. It just doesn't get much better!!! The 300C can pull some respectable top end but it is limited to 128 MPH.

As you can see there is no wrong choice here. Both versions of the 300C will provide good performance comfort, handling and unique looks. People that crave extreme power will want to check the SRT-8 option on their order form but... be prepared to work those facial muscles when you drive the car! :)
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marnepup said:
A nine thousand dollar ticket? He shoulda spent that $9k on an SRT instead :biggrin:

lol what he said...

I only got 100 Euros for this
, but of course I slowed down 30 MPH before he pinged me.
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Yeah... the vanilla would have been taken into consideration if it was an option. I definately would have Chromed her out then. Still trying to figure out what to do with the silver steel as for as exterior mods.
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