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300C SRT-8 WITH Kicker system just built!!!

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(LXCX48) 2006 Chrysler 300C SRT-8 4-Door Sedan
(ESF) 6.1L SRT HEMI SMPI V8 Engine
(DGJ) 5-Speed Auto W5A580 Transmission
(D1) Color, Interior - Dk Slate Gray/Lt Graystone
(PXR) Color, Exterior - Brilliant Black

Build date: Thursday April 7th 2005

Audio System Options:

(RECP) 6CD/Full Map GPS Display Nav Radio
(RC5) 13 SPKRS Kicker SRT High Perf Audio
(RFZP) 100 Watt Kicker SRT Subwoofer
(RFCP) 322 Watt Kicker SRT Amplifier
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i just called my dealer and tried to find out what system is being put into my car he says i have opt#1 and opt#2 and he says it has 6 cd changer bluetooth..i said is it comming with the upgraded kicker system he siad it didnt say.but he also said that he was looking at option sheet and it didnt even have the kicker option aval. he also said the only thing that i didnt get was the rear seat i really hate not knowing what iam getting...1 good thing my srt is in painting now and that was backed up by dc so shouldnt be much longer till i find out...anyone have any thoughts on what iam gonna get?
Johnny Vig said:
You are going to get the BA6 speaker Boston system. No subwoofer. It is the system that comes on the touring edition. It is not the BA7 upgraded Boston system. Let us know when you get the car. Good luck.
man i hope not!!!but if so ill get a custom box for that spare tire space and throw a sub init and change the speakers out, add 2 amps and...waaalaaa..problem solved
i called dc on fri they said car is built but they have no shipping date yet..hmm?...but after about 5 min of looking for what kind of radio is in it i was told "well sir all i see is something about 276watts"....DAM....but at least now i can start looking for replacement speakers and a few amps..but what a shame that i have to go threw this.:(
1 - 3 of 46 Posts
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