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300c surging

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Hi everyone,
I am new to this forum but pretty stoked on finding it. I recently bought a lava red 300c just before christmas and seem to notice a little surge around the 35 to 45 mile per hour range. Am i imagining this or have some of you noticed it as well? I also noticed a bit of shake in the steering wheel around 65 to 70 mph but the tire balance checked out. any comments?
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No surge in mine that I feel.

Are you running aftermarket rims? If so, and even if you aren't, certain places are better at balancing wheels/tyres than your dealer.

My brother in law bought a Durango with dealer installed 20s, he took it to the dealer with this exact complaint, they couldn't fix it.

A few minutes at a real aftermarket wheel place and he's shimmy free.
They said when they checked the balance it was off by a half an ounce. They re-balanced and it felt great and today I thought I felt it again. I also only have 400 miles on my car so the surge may be the engine still breaking in.
I don't think so on the surge, I just passed through 400 mi last week, did a lot of break in driving since then, now I'm at 1k, no surging, just very smooth, quiet operation.
Well back to the dealer to have them put it on the computer.
I believe that there is a TSB about surging. Something to do with the old firmware. If your software is Feb. date then have them update the car to the 7/X/04 date. That seemed to fix my surging.

I thought I could feel it going in and out of the 4 cyl mode, it felt like a slight surging at a light throttle.
The light surging at light throttle is exactly what i am experiencing. Thanks!
Yah, I had the exact same thing. And I'm pretty sure the software upgrade fixed it. Check the software version by doing the hold the compas and musical note on your steering wheel. If it's the Feb. version, then have they up it to the July version.

If you complain about light surging to your dealer and have them check, it should tell them to update your software.

One note, some of the old gages don't handle the new software as well as the newer gages. Your new oil pressure page in the EVIC, might be an alphebet soup. Have the dealer check it and maybe he can take care of it all at once. Or at the very least let the dealer know what can and probably will happen. If you don't care, you don't have to change it.

But after that, I haven't noticed that slight surging anymore.
Mine feels like its surging right at 65mph. If I hold it steady at 65mph, it feels like its shifting back and forth. Actually its more like changing gears kind of a feeling. I do have the Feb. dated firmware.
Before worring about something so "big" as a torque converter, Chrysler knows about this problem and has told dealers about this surging and the fix is updated software. I would just tell the dealer about it and they should know the fix. I haven't noticed the surging after my software upgrade.
How about a better definition of that "surgin' feeling"?
Feels like the car is sputtering when you hold it at a certain mph.
Surging is usually a result of wildly changing (O2 sensor bad?) inputs to the ECM when you have your foot on the pedal at a fixed speed. It can speed up/slow down.

It also can be when you step on the gas a bit to speed up and it gets what we Impala folks used to call the "chuggle & surge".

I think my hemi has chuggle & surge. That's when I'm gently speeding up (30-55mph) and the car seems to speed up normally, hesitate a bit (chuggle) and then speed up a bit more out of proportion (that's the surge).

I definitely experience this with mine, and I have 3.61 which I believe is the latest.

Anyone have more info?
surging too`

I have a new 300C with just 1000 miles on it and it has been doing this surge thing since I bought it.

light variation in power from a stop to about 50 mph at light/steady throttle application. Feels a little like a random misfire. Just enough to bother me. Love the car otherwise.

My software is 7-27-04, Version 3.61.

What now, if updating the software has already been done?

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