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300C Transmission Shifting?

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Will someone please explain the 300C 5-speed shifting system. If I am driving in "D" will the unit shift through all 5 gears automatically? The display only shows 1,2,3, D and 4. If it does what speed will it shift into the fifth gear? I understand I can use the autostick to downshift but am confused by the display. It only shows the manual gears selected as I understand it. Sorry for my stupidity. This is the first 5 speed I have ever had. I assume if I were to manually shift it from a dead stop I'd go through 1,2,3,4 then D. Is this correct? Thanks, regards, Bob.
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Welcome aboard Omski, yes, you have to be careful about resting your hand on the shifter. If you hold it to the left it'll go to the lowest gear depending on speed/RPM.
Also, it sounds like there's been a change from '05-'06. The '05s will always take off in 1st regardless of shift indicator position (unless you have an SRT I believe).
omski said:
has anyone else had this situation happen in a 06
Does it shift normally in Drive?
omski said:
it seems like it dose arnold its just auto stick dose not start on 1sst or down shift automaticly as i slow down i can shift all day and not miss a beat as long as im doing the shifting
Sounds like it's working ok to me. What you're describing is what a lot of us wanted in our '05s.
Anyone else with an '06? Can you take off in any gear?
1 - 3 of 22 Posts
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