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Well got home today and removed the air silencer and decided to run it a little after fueling up. Going down Northern ave here in Az. there usually isnt lots of traffic late at night. Driving along minding my own business(yeah right I was looking for some action) I pull up to a red light and a Honda accord h22 to my left. I heard him give alittle gas then the light turned green. I gave it about 3/4 throddle and took off. He hesitated? I see him coming up quickly beside me, I slowed to about 30mph and he gunned it and so did I WOT. We were even for about 4 sec. and I started to pull about one car length and I heard that sound Psssssssssshsssssssss. Oh yeah he had a bottle. He got even with me but I still was WOT. at about 95mph I still pulled ahead of him. Beat him by 1/2 car length. Not too bad considering Im stock. He was pretty impressed. At the next light we talked he said "Damn that thing is fast." I asked him why he hesitated at the last light. He said he was preparing his juice. :biggrin:
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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