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i just looked on ebay and saw this picture in one of the blastinbob's listings.
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exhaust work in general is easy. this kit looks as though the new pipe slides over an existing pipe, then you tighten down the clamps with the supplied clamps.
eBay Motors: Blastin Bob's 300 Magnum Charger V-6 Dual exhaust kit (item 220273271669 end time Sep-01-08 05:57:10 PDT)
the nice part is that it comes in 3 pieces for the V6 cars, so it won't take up too much space in a box. shipping can kill you sometimes when it comes to buying exhaust kits.

keep in mind that its not stainless, but that's OK, look how affordable it is. if you plan on keeping your vehicle and passing it down to your children, you may want to get stainless. a stainless kit will cost more, but it'll be the last exhaust you put on the vehicle.
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