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3M Clear Bra Installed

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Finally protected the paint on my Chrysler 300C. I had the 3M clear bra installed yesterday. It took the installer about 8 hours to install. So far it looks great. Needs to sit in the sun but with the Hurricane passing by I don't expect to see the sun for a few days. My Magnesium Pearl paint hides the film well.

Total cost for parts and labor $840

I had the following installed:

3M Clear Bra X-Pel -

Hood and Fender Kit Number: P0819

Grille Kit Number: P0819A

Upper Bumper kit Number: P0819B

Lower Bumper kit Number: P0819C

Headlamp and Fog Lamp Kit Number: H0819

Invinca-Shield 840-1 accessory kit

Invinca-Shield Custom pieces for plastic chrome strip on top of the rear bumper (to protect from scratches caused by load/unloading trunk) and plastic chrome mirrors.

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I offer that service as well, a complete package will run $595 installed. Keep in mind that you may have to re do it again in a few years. The film does protect the paint from chips, but the stones do chip away at the film on your paint. One thing I have noticed is that when the stones hit the film, it leaves a white mark on the car, resembling a stone chip away. So you don't do this service for cosmetic reasons, because you will still see chips, its just that it won't be in the paint, it will be in the film. Just had a Lexus owner tell me he replaced the film after 3 years, just something to be aware of. Gary
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