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I am really amazed at the wealth of information and experience here. It's even a bit overwhelming.

I've been given a 2005 300c for free from my parents that have just had the thing sitting around for the last year with no intention of doing anything with it. Having just got it home a couple weeks ago, I've been working on fixing up a few small things before tackling the big stuff. Thanks to this forum they were pretty easy to fix, new sway bar and bushings got rid of a knock in the front end that nearly $3k at a dealership couldn't fix a couple years ago. A new oil pressure switch cleared the CEL, and some cleaning of the wheel sensors has so far cleared up an intermittent ABS light.

What I am looking for now is some advice on what to do with the engine to increase it's performance. This is not a daily driver and will always just be a toy. That being said I don't want a trailer queen either. I will likely only ever go to the track once or twice for fun. I am more interested in having a car to drive around town on weekends and take on small road trips.

The engine has 125k miles on it, so it's far from new and no doubt I'll need to replace quite a bit to handle more horsepower and have it hold up at all.

I don't really have an exact horsepower number that I'm looking for but definitely want more than stock. I want a good, fast launch with plenty of mid range and a good 0-60mph time, don't need a crazy top end as I'll probably never take it to 120mph+

I'm really open to suggestions and haven't set a budget for this at all, am quite willing to buy parts a piece at a time and put it together when I have everything. Should I tear it down and rebuild it as a 5.7 or bore it out to something bigger? Any suggestions for cam and heads? I'm not even sure where to start with this so hit me with any options you can give me! I've read enough on here to know I need a Tuner, CAI, and 180 thermostat. Beyond that I'm not sure where to go with specific parts

Any advice would be appreciated, and I'll start a build thread as soon as I get going on it as I am planning to do a lot more than just the engine :)
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