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55-58 vibration solved

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:D Just picked CV up 20 min ago, THE VIBRATION IS 100% GONE. Dealer did the exhaust work, I drove at 55, 56, 57, 58, 59 and 60, light throttle, off throttle accelerating and decelerating and I could not induce a micron of vibration, it was billiard smooth and rock solid. It is amazing how annoying this vibe was, it seems to have taken on a life of it's own. I can't tell you how nice it is to have my car back to running as new.

Thanks to all who were persistent in figuring this out and posting the solution. Many of us never accepted "MDS" as the source of this vibe though I suspected the tranny (not water) or gears. Early on , I would never have gussed the exhaust.

The water in the tranny shudder is entirely unrelated to this vibe.

Parts that were replaced: 4581869AG Resonater
4581868AH Muffler
Two 4578363AA Nut
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Mr.DJ said:
I hope this 'easy fix' is also the solution to similar problems currently being experienced by others...thanks for the update. ;)
This was indeed an easy fix only because of the info posted by members. I hope your vibe is this one and not the water tranny one which has entirely different symptoms detailed elsewhere
I was driving down the freeway at 56mph today and cought a glimpse of myself in the mirror and I had a watermelon grin :D .
FWIW, my parts were back ordered and was supposed to be 2-3 weeks and came in at one week, there is hope.
jcdc said:
Anyone else getting the virations when braking at 70-80? or am i the only one out here? Dealer replaced three of my rims but it is still doing it. It rides smooth like Butter until I hit the brakes at these speeds. Any suggestion is highly apprciated.
Rotors or wheel bearings check out OK?
II kings 9:20 said:
Parts that were replaced: 4581869AG Resonater
4581868AH Muffler
Two 4578363AA Nut
Here is the soution, the above exhaust parts were replaced, when speaking with the dealer call it resonance not vibration, to date there is no tsb.
jcdc said:
They replaced three wheels thinking it was that. Next step is the rotors. It just seems a little early (14K miles) for rotors to go bad. Never thought of the bearings. Will check it out. I'll keep everyone posted. Thanks! I just did not want the dealership to try to pull a fast one.
My saab 9-3 rotors went bad at 2K. The X5 had the exact symptoms you guys have and it was not rotors, surprise, it was the control arms at 20K. When I told the SM the symptoms and I tought it was rotors, he said prolly not, and knew exactly what the problem was, obviously he had seen it before
rdm, I am thrilled with the results, I no longer "think" when I am driving. I did not realize how vexing this resonance was until I got rid of it.
kampsvilleboy said:
Glad to hear the "solution" is working consistently! Mine goes in Wednesday to have the exhaust components replaced. I saw them at the dealership and those are some good sized pieces!

My dealer was VERY nice about ordering them. There was no hesitation or debate at all about it. They really seem to want to make a customer happy.

At the same time they are fixing the exhaust "resonance," they are also going to perform the radiator bracket recall and perform the TSB for stiff steering in cold weather. The SM said that the TSB involved a shim kit for the steering column. Has anyone had this done? I am wondering if it is very involved?
Radiator bracket recall, man where have you been :D , that was from last Summer. The stiff steering is from the cold weather, kinda like a manual tranny until it warms up. If there is an approved synthetic PS fluid, that is the way to go, I doubt any shims will help this, "I may be wrong but I doubt it"..Charles Barkley
I'll keep that tsb in the vault for the winter, mine was'nt bad at all, I'll wait for your post first to see if it helps.
Thank you, no, I'll keep my steering column in the car. Mine was only minor, a little stiffness can be a good thing from time to time.
NR, Looks like they are kicking and screaming into the 21st century.

My thoughts exactly Kamps, get the thing fixed, I am so glad this was not the MDS as many speculated for which there is no fix except perhaps 20w50.
That's great news NR, makes me reluctant to put on a Borla or Corsa for fear of stirring something up, I am 90% going to do it, waiting on Corsa now.
Mine was supposed to be a couple of weeks but only took 8-9 days to come in.
Well Bob, you are right. I printed the parts list on this post and gave it to the dealer. Have your dealer call a dealer who has performed the work to get a better understanding of this resonance problem.
Mine too at 35mph, the exhaust fix is so good I no longer think when driving, very smooth. Now if I can get rid of that vexing steering kick and sideways body motions on bumps, the self seal Contis have got to go I hope that fixes it.
I think it would, I had the Zoomers on for a few days and had no vibration.
This problem never vibrates the steering wheel, it is a "resonance" vibration that is felt in the seat and vibrates the inside mirror blurring the image. I don't think it would be on the 06 b/c you have the updated exhaust design. The way to check is to look at the pipe exiting the center muffler on the driver's side. You will see a spring nut very easily, the original design has no spring.
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