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55-58 vibration solved

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:D Just picked CV up 20 min ago, THE VIBRATION IS 100% GONE. Dealer did the exhaust work, I drove at 55, 56, 57, 58, 59 and 60, light throttle, off throttle accelerating and decelerating and I could not induce a micron of vibration, it was billiard smooth and rock solid. It is amazing how annoying this vibe was, it seems to have taken on a life of it's own. I can't tell you how nice it is to have my car back to running as new.

Thanks to all who were persistent in figuring this out and posting the solution. Many of us never accepted "MDS" as the source of this vibe though I suspected the tranny (not water) or gears. Early on , I would never have gussed the exhaust.

The water in the tranny shudder is entirely unrelated to this vibe.

Parts that were replaced: 4581869AG Resonater
4581868AH Muffler
Two 4578363AA Nut
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Great news indeed! Glad your CV is well again... and thanks for posting the part numbers!
Northern Rider said:
Thanks Zilla for the spadework on that. I would like to add a footnote. My service manager has a tech source embedded within DCX (shall we call him DeepThrottle:p ) that he goes to with vexing problems, from time to time.

He referenced this problem to DeepThrottle. Let it be known to all the good members on this forum that we are looked upon with some regard by many of the techies at DCX. The tech type postings are read by the company personnel, so I am told.
Good to know NR... sure wish there was a trickle-down effect to the dealership service dept. level.
Northern Rider said:
Yeah, wouldn't that be nice. Let's hope this fine car can find better service departments.

The only reason I even started driving Chryslers was because of the excellent service of one particular dealer. When I went in today, I was greeted by the service advisor, the service manager and the Sales manager (the owner's son).

Then the owner, a fellow I got to know a few years ago through Rotary Club, came over. He enjoys performance cars and has a great collection of Mopar stuff from the fifties and sixties. He always wants to see my C and asks what mods are new. Today, I said "Get your wallet out, get your C (cool vanilla) and let's see who's the fastest off the light."

He grins and I go about picking my car up. I go outside and he pulls up beside me in an SRT-8! We didn't go playing because it was rush hour - and the SRT-8 was sold. He just rolled it out from PDI.

But - we had a good laugh. It's that kind of place.
Lucky YOU!! Here's the other side of that coin. I dropped my car off Monday night for my appt. and was halfheartedly greeted by the asst. svc. mgr., who had made the appt. for me to make right some work that was incorrectly or incompletely done at my last appt. Between that visit and this, 1 month, the entire service dept. management team has been replaced!! At first I thought this could be a good thing, but I was quickly snapped back to reality. As I explained the items that needed to be addressed, I mentioned checking the tranny for water & sealing the fill tube at the trans. and he says "oh, that's not a problem, it's very well-sealed, here I'll show you" and proceeds to lift the hood :eek: ? He then points to the engine cover and...... :rolleyes:

I stopped him and said 'that is not the transmission', shook my head and just walked away. I called the following morning to speak with a service advisor and he knew exactly what I was talking about, which was some consolation. I told him someone should explain to that 'manager' that he should not discount female customers as having no knowledge about their cars and that this was my take on his approach. He said he would let him know about the trans. issue to which I was referring and he would probably feel a little silly.
Guess in my case, going through management is NOT an advantage...

Didn't mean to veer so far off topic, but your story frustrated me... You made me do it NR!! :p ...Sorry II kings ;)
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Don't know NR... nobody takes ownership of their position anymore. I think I'm gonna start going to Canada for my service appt.s... and the chance to visit my north-of-the-border buddies: :cool:

Patrick, you can line up my appts. and the Irish pubs
Rambit is in charge of pizza and lodging
Mikeyjohn can send me a get outta jail free card just in case
and.... never mind, I can dream can't I?

//end rant and hijacking
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