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5x114.3 or 5x115 that is the question

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Hi there I have been looking for some 22's and there just isnt alot of wheels in a 5x115 so it kinda sucks so my question to you all is

what is the differance of running 5x114.3 or 5x115 it would be great if someone that has both could post something or email me and let me know it seems like the 5mm wouldnt make any differance at all mayeb alittle in the ride but please let me know
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5x115 is the proper bolt pattern. but since it isn't as popular as the 5x114.3 there aren't as many wheel choices. in my personal experience (i have 22x9.5 sacchi w/ a 5x114.3 bolt pattern) i have had no problems running the 5x114.3 bolt pattern on my 300. there is more than 0.7 mm of play in the stock wheels so mounting them was no problem (no adapter plates needed).
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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