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6.1 Headers installed Pic's

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Hi Everyone,

Here are couple of pictures of the Long tube headers with the mid pipes installed on a SRT8 300

We have moved the location of the 02 sensors and with this setup there are no codes or check engine lights and the headers come with the correct 02 extensions and install without cutting or grinding

We will host up a video on our web site monday on the sound which is Awesome combined with the magnaflow exhaust

here is a link to the headers on our web site and they are in stock.!

See attached

Scott Quaranta


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I want to see numbers after the magnaflow, no pre magnaflow. These things are likely only worth 10-15 right? I asusme they did the stock setup first knowing they could advertise a 30+ gains and not be "lying".
You aren't following me. There are dyno's showing a manganflow exhaust giving 20hp/tq at the rear wheels. This would mean your headers are only worth 5hp and 10tq. You did the additions in reverse order to give a false impression of how much hp/tq they add.

At this point, I want to see someone who added the magnaflow exhaust and had it dynoed, add these headers and then do a dyno. I have a feeling they will struggle to break into the double digit gains. Care to place a bet?
1 - 2 of 47 Posts
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