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For those thinking of cam mods down the road, here are some cam specs I have found on other forums for our SRT-8 cam.

Open at 15.0 deg BTDC
Close at 268.0 deg ATDC
Duration(probably at .006" lift) 283.0 deg

Open at 251.0 deg BTDC
Close at 35.0 deg ATDC
Duration(probably at .006" lift) 286.0 deg

.570"/.550" lift int/exh

The lobe seperation equates out to just under 118 degrees, so it is somewhere in the range of 117 to 118 degrees.


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How does that compare to the new COmp Cams stick?
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Comparing Comp cams to the SRT8 cam specs. in first post.

Due to the need for the comp cams to still operate MDS, even the hottest of the 3 comp cams has less duration and lift than the stock SRT8 cam.

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