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A bunch of 300c's we have done. 10 diffrent C's with 22's

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22" Staggered GFG Azul 3pc. wheels, Classic Mesh grill, and Lowered suspension on a 2005 Chrylser 300C.

300C with 22x9.5 CEC Type 825 chrome wheels.

300C with staggered 22x8.5 front & 22x10 rear Asanti 128 forged 3 pc. wheels mounted with 265-35-22 Cont. tires. (3.5" lip front, 4.5" lip rear) Strut Detroit package also installed on this 300C.

300C with 22x9.5 GFG Trento 5 3pc. chrome wheels mounted with Pirelli tires, & custom heavy mesh grill.

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300C with 22x9.5 Gianelle 6 Oval wheels mounted with 265-35-22 tires.

*My personal favorite* 22x8.5/22x10 Asanti AF127 Black center 3pc. wheels mounted on a Chrysler 300C with Strut Detroit grill package, and lowered suspension.

22x9.5 TIS 03 wheels on a 2005 Chrylser 300C mounted with Pirelli tires. Also installed by KC Trends is the Heavy mesh grill and stainless "B" Pillar posts.

For those who want the very best KC Trends is pround to offer the Strut Detroit package for you Chrysler 300C. The Strut package comes complete with a full chrome center grill complete with custom strut wings, a pair of lower air dam grills also made of chrome plated stainless, the kit is made complete by the addition of the larger winged strut emblem for the decklid.

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2005 300C with complete Detroit Strut grill package and mounted with 22x9.5 BBH Warbuck wheels on Pirelli tires.

22x9.5 Zinik Shogun wheels mounted with 265-35-22 Cont. tires on a 2005 Chrysler 300C Hemi.

20x8.5 Zinik Shogun mounted on a 2005 Chrysler 300 touring.

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opps, maybe this should of been in the wheel/tires section. Mods/Admins feel free to move if needed. Sorry :(
lee said:
KTtrends, your the man..... Thanks for the pics....... Hey! maybe your the one to help me. I am a big fan of staggerde set-ups and I see you are too. My question is with offsets. Can you list all the proper offsets. I like when the wheels I purchase make the car full, so basically the wheels has to fit flush. I was thinking of going 22 x 9.5 in the front and 22 x 11 in the rear.

Whats the flush offsets for 8.5's, 9.5's, 10's andh 11's front and back.
Can you help me?

P.S. My personal favorites is the one you like with the black rims also, but I find the tints to be to dark, and the first pic which is the green one. Something about dish rims that do it for me with these cars. I'm leaning towards purchasing the 2005 Zenetti Heirs. The only problem is that they only come in one size in 22's and thats 22 x 9.5 and as i mentioned earlier i'm that staggered type of dude...

ONE LOVE...................................................

PM sent.. Trying to obey the forum rules till i get a reply on becoming a sponsor.
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