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A bunch of 300c's we have done. 10 diffrent C's with 22's

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22" Staggered GFG Azul 3pc. wheels, Classic Mesh grill, and Lowered suspension on a 2005 Chrylser 300C.

300C with 22x9.5 CEC Type 825 chrome wheels.

300C with staggered 22x8.5 front & 22x10 rear Asanti 128 forged 3 pc. wheels mounted with 265-35-22 Cont. tires. (3.5" lip front, 4.5" lip rear) Strut Detroit package also installed on this 300C.

300C with 22x9.5 GFG Trento 5 3pc. chrome wheels mounted with Pirelli tires, & custom heavy mesh grill.

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my fav too, ?---have you guys ever done a silver 300 with black outers and silver or chrome centers? I think it would look good. Any photochoppers willing to try it? :D :D

In case you are wondering what I am talking about, this alpine bmx x5 has it done....
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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