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2005 Chrysler 300 - Touring - 3.5L

Disconnected battery for 5 min to reset after replacing throttle body. (took ten minutes to replace)
After reconnecting the battery and starting the car, the A/C clutch did not kick on. Nothing was touched while replacing the throttle body.
Checked all fuses (front and back) and swapped some out but no cold air.

Learned on this forum to jump 30 to 87 on a specific relay and the clutch immediately engaged and there was ice cold air again. Cannot leave this jumped as it does drain the battery. (learned this after sitting for a few hours with relay jumped)

I replaced the relay and no change. $12.00 and 20 seconds
I replaced the transducer and no change. $55.00 and two minutes.

I can post pics if this would help in any way but it appears to be straightforward.

All comments are appreciated.
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