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A few new pics, car, amps

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Here are a few shots from today after I got her cleaned up.
The amp installs are very simple but VERY sturdy, bolted through metal at the top & bottom.. when I go back to upgrade the head unit to the eclipse 5495 in a couple of months we will do a little more to amp racks to hide the wiring and give the amps themselves a little protection from guitars cases sliding around during "spirited" cornering ;)

I wanted to conserve my trunk space and go for a fairly inconspicuos upgrade. I just wanted it to sound better and now it does!


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I assume Devin was the one that fabricated those amp mounts? Looks great. I'm jealous. He said those DLS 3 ways came out sounding amazing. One of these days during a socal meet we need to have a sound off! :D

I'm in the same boat on having an amp rack made one of these days. Unfortunately I have a moneypit of a convertible that needs serious attention before I can continue messing with the 300c. It needs a full system and alarm...

Some more of Devin's work:

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Hey Rogue, awesome installs..

I really like the industrial aesthetic of the aluminum he (Devin) uses not to mention the strength!

The DLS speakers sound great, if I were forced to find a weak spot I would say they might be a tad pushy in the mids. Not muddy or anything and definitely on the good side of warm and full.. I am interested to hear if that smooths out a little when I eventually upgrade the head unit and get a real nice clean signal sent to the amps.

It could be any of the other factors in the system affecting the tone I guess.. not necessarily the spkrs themselves. In general I find them very accurate and detailed with plenty of warmth and punch when driven hard.

How's your system treating you? You got the nav installed recently right?
PP, that 1st pic is so cool!
thx Hemee :) gotta love photoshop.
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