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The codes i recently got are

It happened on my way to a job interview it was a super rainy day . Car went into limp mode and i pulled over and restarded it and it was normal then i got home from the interview and went to the store about 3 miles away and the MIL came on with all these codes. Been doing the limp mode thing for a few months after i deep cleaned my throttle body . But im starting to thing its just the ETC connector because when i took it off to clean the throttle body it was hard and doesnt seem to fit as tightly anymore. Anybody else had these problems, codes, or symptoms. Sometimes i also get ESP/BAS light with limp mode and sometimes traction control light with limp mode. But also when its snowy i noticed that my Traction control light and ESP/BAS light will come on after driving for about 10-20 min in these weather conditions but it does not go into limp mode.
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