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Acceleration Choke!!!!

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My apoplogies for not spending the time to hunt for this, if it HAS happened to others, but here's the prob; Owned it since mid June last year, only just NOW, on the drive home, has it sputtered profusely when puttin da pedal to da metal. NEVER before today has it happened, and still a quarter tank! Spun the tires, and or floored it many times before now, with the same level of fuel or less................STILL never before today!
Any suggestions?
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I think the window problem has to do with the battery reconnect procedure. I forget what the steps actually are. But I've had window "issues" after reconnecting the battery and not doing the procedure. Everything does return to normal after a certain amount of time anyways. At least for me I think it has. lol I've only disconnected the battery a few times.
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