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I really want to add a tire pressure monitoring system. As mentioned in another thread (, I recently had a flat that I noticed the morning after completing a long trip. While the tire was completely flat when I noticed it, I wonder if I drove for a long time with extremely low pressure.

The O.E.M. tires have amazing sidewall strength when under no stress. I realized the self-sealers were not going to self seal when I pumped the tire up to 30 P.S.I., checked the pressure after six hours and found 30 P.S.I. had leaked down to 10 P.S.I.......the tire was not obviously low (visually). It makes me wonder if a good part of my trip was on a tire dangerously low and I didn't notice it simply because I didn't have to make any evasive maneuvers.

I can't find any tire pressure monitoring system retrofit threads on this forum. LXforums have some old threads that are not complete. Consumer Reports has a review that is a couple of years old on aftermarkets.

Any suggestions on aftermarket versus retrofitting the '06 Chrysler system on to the '05?

This would really benefit a lot of people. I am not talking about a subsitute for regular checks; rather, a warning system that something is amiss before you notice it in a bad situation (high speed curve, sudden evasive move, whatever). Any of us can run over a screw, nail or other object. We just have to hope we notice it when the car is parked. If we had a monitoring system, it would add a great layer of protection.
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