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Hey everyone,
i would like to get an official roster posted i have alot of members numbered and registered already , i am getting prepared to have the "newszine" printed and i need everyones address that wants a CLUB300 emblem and newszine along with a discount list and a few other goodies.

Jon w - if you can put a roster with address together of your crew,
eric scar-
and all of the other state directors not listed , please do them same and try to have them sent to me by tuesday/weds. thanks guys and gals

I think that the Socal/norcal chapters are going to recieve the trophy for largest chapter for 2005....

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TX Guys/Gals here is the address >>>>

Send the $10 to join along with all your pertinent info like name, addy, phone, email, etc... to:

James DeCuir
c/o Fabrics and Frames Furniture
5322 Alpha Rd
Dallas, TX 75240

I will collect all the checks get the roster together and get the funds to TommyZ.
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