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Aftermarket Audio

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I've heard talk about aftermarket installations and amps cause you to lose Nav Voice and U Connect and maybe steering wheel controls on the 300C. Is this true? Is there anyway around that? What about the Clifford alarm with remote start? Any problems by installing that? I want to add a system in my ride but i don't want to lose those options..Can anyone give me some info on that?...Thanks...
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Black 300C said:
Hey Jason thanks for the post and the threds! I'm in the process of reading through them. Had to take a break (Brain Overload)

One more question...I'm interested in getting the Clifford G5 Avantguard Alarm with remote start and windows and all other options
Any known problems with installing this?
Given the trouble some people seem to have had finding a good shop in the Dade County area, I'd make sure you're in good hands. That is one of the most complex alarms ever made for the installer.
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