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Air silercer removal

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Well it's official it truly SUCKS ( air that is)
After pulling it out and cutting off the restrictive air box,and covering the holes,tubed it back to the meshed insert port and buttoned it up.Performance gain is incredible! Direct flow of unrestricted air makes for all the difference in the world with respect to throttle response.Now it runs to 5000 + RPM in an unadultarated heart beat.

I had posted earlier that there was no "sucking" noise in the cabin, this is still true. However, I opened the sunroof and between 2 warehouse buildings stood on it.The sound was awesome. I can only corolate it to the sound of "back in the day of carbs" .We used to take off our air filters and replace it with a modified "scoop" that bolted to the HUGE carbs.This is very similar to the sound that is now being produced.

Performance gains and the sound quality ( which is very similar to RAM AIR INDUCTION) is making me a very happy camper. Should be much better after this Monday when my exhaust surgery is complete.

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