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I have used Airpark Chrysler in Scottsdale AZ for over 4 years now for servicing both 300C's I owned. For the first few years I had OK service - I had calls letting me know the status of my vehicle and the customer service was OK. Never super, but it was ok (its only 1 mile from my home, and it was tolerable being that close).

Lately my service advisor Rich Garrick has been incredibly negative, demeaning, and disrespectful on my last 2 visits. I even went so far last time to tell his boss how he treats me, and she was unresponsive, acting like I was at fault that he talked to me that way (Maureen Working). Again being so close to home, I can't bring myself to change (UNTIL MY LATEST VISIT).

SIMPLY AN OIL CHANGE. When I called I told the man making my appointment that my car had a whining noise during idle and I thought there was a TSB for using a heavier oil (Mobile 1) he found the TSB quickly and noted it.

I take my car in, and Rich Garrick had no info about why I was there. I informed him it was an oil change and that I had some TSB info for the whine that I had (It was not thousands $ in repairs, it was simply a different oil grade). He immediately snapped at me saying "we don't do TSB's because you have this problem. We will look into it and if we hear the problem we will look into it". I said "Rich its simply a different oil, nothing major".

Car was done at night around 4pm, but I was lazy and made a mistake leaving there over night. I get to the dealer in the morning round 11am, get the key hit the unlock nothing happens. I see Maureen Working the Service Director and I ask nicely "do you know why my key would not open the door?". She snapped quickly in a tone "thats the wrong key it happens all the time". I replied, "its the correct key as mine has a mark on it here". She opens the door, tries the ignition its dead... She leaves, I check all the switches of course the fan switch I had was left on battery dead.

Rich Garrick comes out with a battery charger, and I say "this was just an oil change, how do you guys FUNK this up?". He responds with anger, "I didn't do it how long have you lived in AZ, batteries go dead all the time". I respond "of course they do when you leave lights on". He hooks the battery charger up, starts it car dies like 2 minutes later. Comes back out, drives the car away and I never hear from him or the advisor again about the status.

Never once, said hey I am sorry... Never once said let me have it double checked for you... Never once said I am going to have a battery replaced... Never once said I hate to have you wait give me an hour.

I talked to the assistant to the General Manager, explained my frustration with both Rich and Maureen I think they know there is an issue there as he didn't seem one bit surprised and I know he didn't make notes, or even check on it for me - I should have listened to some other AZ members, they told me about the POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE AT AIRPARK CHRYSLER.

40 minutes later, Rich and Maureen walk by me 5 times, never once saying hang tight, hold on, be right back nothing. Finally I walk all the way through the garage, and I find my car with 2 guys working, doing a calibration with starscan. I leave go back to the waiting area, car is back been about 1 hour or so. Rich comes says "here you go they gave you a new battery".

I was never so frustrated with someone so arrogant, so rude, so dis-respectful, so unwilling to listen without something negative coming out of their mouth and in my eyes knows very little about SRT8s. Funny thing is Maureen is actually worse than Rich with her smug attitude, lack of knowledge and disrespectful tone. I think she could be one of the most worthless customer service managers I have ever spoken to. You know the only thing I wanted? I wanted someone to accept responsibility say I am sorry, this was a mistake, we will fix it... Thats all I wanted.

Needles to say I am not returning to Airpark Chrysler. I will take it to Moore Chrysler 30 plus miles away. I am hoping by reading this post I will get some people locally to follow my lead with this. I know there are many members that already feel this way, I am sure they will chime in.
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