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Here is a pic of my trunk grab handle (puller).
The grab handle is for a Jeep Wrangler and cost $14 at the dealer (see link below for part number)
To fasten the handle to the trunk, I used a metal fastener, which is pictured below. I bought the fasteners from Allied Auto Parts for $2.
The holes in the trunk/liner were perfectly placed for the grab handle. So I didn't need to drill any new holes into the trunk or trunk liner.

The only problem I had was the Jeep grab handle holes were too small to fit the fastener through. So I had to use a metal drill bit and drill/grind the hole larger. If I knew in advance the grab handle holes were going to be too small, I might have first visited some other dealer parts depts to see what they had in stock. But either way, the Jeep handle worked good enough.
Just be careful when drilling the holes in the handle because the metal likes to wrap/twist when being drilled.


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