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Hi all
I have read lots of threads and cannot find a answer please help. It’s currently at a Chrysler dealer and they are struggling to fix and burning up all my cash.

I have a 2006 SRT8 that I purchased with a blown motor and no keys.
I had new keys cut and coded by a mobile lock smith (after market key)

I rebuilt the motor and installed

When I went to start the car I used a uncoded key by mistake (car started and stalled several times and then would no longer crank) which put the vehicle into anti theft mode.

I had the lock smith come out again and he could not disable the anti theft.

I towed the car to the local Chrysler dealership, they are telling me that it needs a ignition modules and a fob module and a genuine key as they cannot programme key it get out of anti theft. $2500-$3000 worth of repairs l.

I told them yesterday to order a genuine key and try that.

I have read so many links that tell you you have to reset vin number or unplug ch the slim Moduel while resetting the skim module

I’m and a engine builder by trade and I’m reasonably switched on, I’m just not sure what to do as I do t feel they know what to do, and they are guessing has anyone had the same problem that has been fixed and do they know exactly what the dealer did.

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