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Any Dyno Numbers from Dynatech Headers?

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Anybody with Dynatech headers do a before and after dyno test? I am going to guess they are worth at least 20 rw hp. But I would like to see some real world dyno numbers if anyone has them. Thanks.

PS - any vendors actually have the Dynatech Magnum headers in stock. I called around today and couldnt find any place that actually had a set in stock including Dynatech.
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wow, very impressive. looks like a solid 20-25 rw hp and rw torque gain all the way across the rpm range. did you run the high flow cats with that? thru the stock exhaust or an upgraded exhaust. sorry for all the questions. thanks again for the info.
WhiteDiamond said:
I have discussed the SRT-8 application directly with Dynatech. They are planning on a system for the 6.1L Hemi, but they have a few projects ahead of that development. There will be changes in the 6.1L system. Right off the bat, the current 2.5" pipe coming out of the current dynatech cats will not mate to the SRT-8 2.75" exhaust without a compromise. I actually hope to hear back from Dynatech in several weeks about development of the system. I have offered my SRT-8 for measurements.

I was able to find a system at one of the Dynatech dealers a few days ago. I should have it on the SRT8 next week. We will fabricate the headers to mate directly to the 2.75 in. SRT8 exhaust. Dynatech does make good stuff but they are not real fast about R&D and production changes. I would be surprised if they had a dedicated SRT8 system before the end of this year. Will report what kind of dyno numbers the headers add. Right now with the cold air kit we are getting 372 rw hp. I would be happy to be anywhere over 390 rw hp. We will see.
1 - 3 of 14 Posts
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