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Any Dyno Numbers from Dynatech Headers?

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Anybody with Dynatech headers do a before and after dyno test? I am going to guess they are worth at least 20 rw hp. But I would like to see some real world dyno numbers if anyone has them. Thanks.

PS - any vendors actually have the Dynatech Magnum headers in stock. I called around today and couldnt find any place that actually had a set in stock including Dynatech.
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It would be interesting to see what kind of gains would be seen on an SRT-8. That has a better exhaust but is also flowing more through it. The gains with the extra displacement might be surprizing.
I wouldn't be surprized if you at least get into the 390-395 range. From there you'll be a computer tune away from having over 400hp at the rear wheels.
Nothing right now :( Still waiting for some good custom tunings for the '05s. I believe these cars will really come to life after that is available.

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