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I have a 2007 300 Touring, and - I'll try to find the easiest way of describing this accurately - at the bottom of the headlights the bumper is flat across, whereas with the SRT8, it scallops, or swoops down, on the outside. I haven't been able to find any aftermarket kits to achieve this look, whereas it seems like it should be easy enough of a piece of plastic that would sit below the headlight atop the bumper and snap in or something. So far it looks like the only way of getting this look is buying an SRT8 bumper, which would be a couple hundred - plus the cost of matching the paint (little to no chance of finding a parted one out in my color, as my 300 is "silver steel metallic).

In the attached marked up stock photos, you can see how with the Touring - in theory, there should be a snap on or glue on piece that would go just below the light and sit on the stock bumper. Anyone ever see any product out there like that, and maybe I'm just using the wrong keyword searches to find it? Thanks

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