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Anyone else have a chirping noise in the dash after the windshield popping TSB done?

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I've noticed a chirping noise that sounds almost like a cricket in the right front dash area when the car is going over a road rough enough to mildly jiggle the suspension. It only started after I had the dealership do the windshield popping noise TSB (which stopped that noise, by the way). This noise is actually more annoying than the popping, because it's more frequent. However, it's not really loud. If I put the radio on a even a moderate volume, it drowns out the chirping. Anyone else have this problem? Or did this dealership find a new and exciting way to screw things up? :AR15firin
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My chirping seems to come and go as well. I was on a road today that I would have thought would have caused the noise, and it was perfectly quiet. Eric-I pushed around the top of the dash close up to the window and didn't feel anything loose, is that where you meant?
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