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Anyone Experiencing Long Crank Time

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Sometimew when I go to start my car it doesn't seem to fire-up as quickly as other times. Could it be fuel? I use Mobil 89 octane,
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I also am having long crank time to start my car. I had just thought maybe that was the way the car starts with the Hemi, but if everyone else's is starting quickly that obviously is not the case. I noticed this when the car was new and said something to the Service Manager and he looked on the computer and didn't see any bulletins about it...Car just turned over 16,000 miles and I have an appointment tomorrow to have new wheels and tires put on it, I will be sure to say something again...I have been using 90 octane gas, so I don't think the gas is the problem but I don't really have a clue what is going on! It is so bad, that sometimes I think the car is not going to start!

This Forum is very helpful for getting problems taken care of at the dealership and for hearing from other owner's about their problems...This particular problem is the perfect example, as I was thinking I was the only one with this problem! Now, off to the dealer! If they find a solution I will be sure to post what they do...
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New TSB for hard starting

My car is in the shop and I just got a call from the Service Manager. He said that Chrysler is getting ready to issue 2 TSB's on the hard starting problem. One is a software upgrade and the 2nd is cleaning the throttle body. They have done both to my car and I will let you know if that fixes the problem.

I just have to say that O'Brien Auto Park in Urbana, IL has one of the best service departments that I have dealt with. They really seem to want to keep you happy!
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