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Anyone have an aftermarket deck w/ factory amp and speakers?

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Anyone replaced all factory speakers and added a medium priced amp?

OK, quesion, is anyone running an aftermarket deck with the factory amp and speakers? I mean not using the power from the new deck... If so, can you tell my how the shop or you wired it to work? My shop is saying that they can not use any type of adapter because it is some sort of "data buss" system, and there is nothing made to integrate an aftermarket deck.

Thank you for you rreplies!!!
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So, then... how bout a new 5 ch amp with new speakers and slightly upgraded subwoofer? That is my new project I guess...
wesexcellence said:
As we talked about yesterday, that is your best solution.
By installing amps you can separate your front/rear/sub etc... and have a very good sounding system.
Many on this forum have done just that and are pleased.
I was trying to do this car on a $4500 budget. With Wheels tires, mats, Kenwood DVD, Spoiler, Chip, Arm rest cover, trim pieces and grille I am at $4486 or there abouts.

Sooooo... I am thinking of doing a Alpine, it is a 5 channel to run factory location speakers that I am going to upgrade at the same time (if anyone has a good suggestion for speakes or a different amp idea, please chime in). Then I will use the 5th channel to run a slightly upgraded woofer probably a JL (I have always had good luck with them) in the read deck.

Anyone else have ideas for me? Or a used amp would be nice!
I have the Kenwood DVD up front, and Uconnect, but I do not care if I lose Uconnect I love my phone, and won't spend the $400 on the blue tooth one...

What I want to acheive is good sound at low to mid volumes with no rattles, lots of midbass not too high and good bass (not earth shattering).

Any thoughts?

I was thinking -Alpine 5 channel
-Higher end Bostons, Diamond or JL mids
-2 8" or 1 10" in the rear deck
-some sort of processor
-not line level (I have never used that before...)
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1 - 4 of 11 Posts
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