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Anyone recommend a good oil filter?

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I don't want to take car for oil change to the dealer cause they take to long and have lousy service. I want to change oil at small shop I have gone for years. Great service but they don't have on file yet what oil filter they should use. I am putting Mobile1 full syntec oil so it has to last 5000-6000 miles before next oil change. If recommended oil filter could include part number. Thanks!
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I read in another thread, I'm not sure of the part number but the oil filter is the same as the one used in the 300m.
It seems that Chrysler has 2 filters that fit on the 300's. My "C" came from the factory with a black filter #5281090. When I went to buy a new one they wanted to sell me a white one #fe292 which fits the 300m the "C" and I believe it fits a bunch of other engines, (318-360 etc.), but looks cheaper and costs about 1/2 as much.
If you've got the hemi make sure you get the black one.
The 5281090 is the same as the 300m and many others, watch the filters they try to dupe you with, it may be the awful Fram who makes some of chryslers filters.
It takes the standard Chrysler/Jeep filter, PH16 is the stock no. for FRAM.

As far as awful FRAM, I have used FRAM for as many years as I can remember. Never a problem.
K&N HP2004, easy to change with its 1" nut.
OMG nooooooooo, you mentioned the f word, to quote Ned Beatty in Deliverence before "it" happened, "oh no, not that" stay away from Fram with it's cardboard end caps. Go here to learn about oil filters, I have my pics of the Mopar filter cut away on my first change in one of the oil threads. Synthetic all the way, 5w20 only. Btw, I used fram in college 25 years ago with no problems but their construction is so poor I don't even use them of my $500 beater much less on my $36K hemi. Having never had a problem is like saying I have'nt used seat belts for 30 years and never had a wreck, you might just need that belt tomorrow, it's all about risk and I won't risk my hemi to save a few$ on a filter. An excellent NAPA Gold or Silver (Wix) can be had for $5 or Mobil 1 for $11.
I use only Purolator filters on my car and they are also the OE maker for Mopar filters... You can get the PurOne filters for about $5 from Fleet farm and they are great..

I also agree with the Fram being crap statement... I always had valve tick in the AM when using them, poor drainback seals. Purolators are also pretty cheap in comparison to the other filters as far as cost.... At $5 a filter, I change them at every oil change
Also, on Purolators website they list the same filter for all the cars... Good news for me and my left over filters from my 300M. =)
Purolater is a very good filter, the Pure One is excellent. go here for a cutaway of my Mopar/Purolater filter
Remember from the oil filter study, Fram makes some Mopar filters too, buyer beware.
I used k/n oil filters on a 65' mustang a few years ago. Great filter but it was longer than other oil filters. Does the hp2004 run longer than stock ones and if it does should I be concerned with a service rookie trying to force it in the tight spot? Thanks!

K&N HP2004, easy to change with its 1" nut.
Not to worry about a tight spot, I used a longer Amsoil filter, my only concern was that it did not extend below the pan (not even close). The length has no effect on tightness to the sides since it is not fatter, in fact a longer filter is actually an easier reach but an extender will be needed either way. My problem was leaving the filtermag on for posting pics after the cut down of the filter, it got in the way. My second change was much easier when I removed the Filtermag. BTW, the K&N uses some impregnated resin, can someone expound on that. I like the filter but not so sure about this stuff floating around in my oil, kinda like the old black ARCO graphite oil 25 yrs ago which turned out to be bad stuff. I like Amsoil, Mobil One on the high end and on the low end (in price) the Pure One and Wix (Napa Gold).
I have heard that WalMart's SUPER TECH oil filter is the exact same filter as the PURE ONE, just a different color. Haven't looked at them side by side, but both seem to be pretty good.

I bought a WIX this time, will do Mobil 1 next time when I go synthetic after a few thousand miles on the odometer. :)
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