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Anyway to blast knicks out of windshield

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I have some annoying knicks in the windshiled, not even really dings but they are knicks. Some are in the line of sight and are just an eye sore as I am always noticing them. Is there anyway to blast these out to smooth out the surface without replacing the windshield
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It will just happen again, but some glass companies build windsheilds that are less prone to it than others. PPG uses a harder glass (well, I don't know if it's harder than whatever Chrysler uses, but it's harder than the Sigla MB uses) that doesn't pit as easily. It's only an issue when you are facing strong sunlight though right? Invest in some polarized sunglasses, it makes it 1000 times better.
Wow 11000 miles? That is real soft. BUT, on the subject on the polarized sunglasses, don't buy the cheap ones, they just put a polarized film on the lens, you want ones where the lens itself is polarized (the cheapest ones of these I know are $160 Raybans...or if you need a perscription just about every perscription polarized lens is polaroid and they use polarized lens, not film).

Oh, also, if you wear regular glasses getting the anti reflective coating helps some, especially the good anti reflective coatings like the one made by Zeiss.
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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