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hey all...just took delivery of my custom-built 2015 300S AWD night before last, and i'm loving everything about it with one exception: the auto-dimming inside rear-view mirror barely does anything. it seems to work fine when the person behind me has their low beams on, but when there are high beams behind me - which is one of the things the mirror is for - i'm blinded. and yes, i do have the auto-dimming function turned on in the settings and can tell the mirror's doing something by the green cast it throws over things at it seems the mirror's working - it's just not working enough.

before i read the manual and found out what the "Assist" button is really for, i kept pushing it to try to turn the mirror on. good thing i didn't have the actual assist function set up yet i guess... ::laugh::

anybody else had this problem and successfully done anything about it? can the dimming function be adjusted somehow, by me or by the dealer, or do i need to replace the mirror with an aftermarket one? (and if so, can that be done fairly easily?)

note to self: i also need to remember to experiment and see if the rear sunshade can be counted on to help with this problem.

many thanks...
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