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Let me introduce Automotive Forum Toolbox!

Over the years that I have been using automotive forums for our business. I have been constantly struggling with the multitude of forums that I post on. Then with the added posting of our team members, it has brought some major hurdles to our business. The questions come into play.

Who answered what, and where?
Who answered the PM's that came across?
What was my password on such & such forum?
Are we getting update emails from this or that forum?
and many more......

Well, I have been searching high and low for a utility that would allow us to manage our forum business in a quicker and easier way. Low and behold, I found it! We purchased this software and re-branded it with our information and it is quickly becoming the most used tool we have on the internet.

Not only does it provide a quick answer to the above questions, it keeps all of our forums that we post on right at our finger tips. This will allow us to see posts, threads, and private messages quicker than ever before. It also has some powerful features that other vendors may find extremely helpful. Features like the ability to quickly post the same message across many forums, bringing customer contact to the front line quicker than ever. Also with the added benefit of being able to save and retrieve messages, it is like having your own little library of all your messages at your finger tips. No more trying to remember what forum you posted that old message on, you have the original copy right there.

We like the software so much, we are giving it away to all of our customers for free!

Why would we do that? Well we know that many of our customers post on several forums and the Auto Forums Toolbox will keep them all in 1 place, quick and easy to get to where you want to go. Not only that, but we are finding more and more uses for this software beyond the forum's.

How about using it to library all your sites that require different login and passwords. That's right, you never have to remember any of those passwords again! Just add those sites to this toolbox and your login and password information, then they are all right there at your finger tips!

I am sure with a little creativity you could find even more uses than what I described above, but you won't know until you try it. Download your free copy today!

The Auto Forum Toolbox is a Free multi-forum tool that keeps all the forums you participate in an easy to find utility. It has a built in browser window that you can use to quickly search the many forums, make new threads, post replies, and answer messages. Even more powerful than you can imagine as the list of uses continues to grow. Get your copy today for FREE!

Here is a simple PDF file describing the use of this incredible software

Here is the Auto Forum Toolbox Installer Only

Here is Complete Auto Forum Toolbox Package

"I hope you enjoy this software as much as the team at Mopar Supercenter is. We are excited about the ability to find things, answer requests, retrieve history, and just plain take care of our customers quicker than ever with the help of this software. We could have been selfish and not offered up, but we felt so strongly about this little tool, that we hope our competitors also use it. For if they do, then every one of our customers as well as thiers will be taken care of so much quicker and easier than ever before."
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