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Automatic Car Wash Scratches SRT Wheels

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I took my car to Autobell over the week end.

Like many car washs, there are rails to keep the car straight while it is pulled through the wash.

Taking a close look at the left front wheel, I noticed 3 scratches, one of them pretty deep, caused by the rail - needless to say I am furious!

Obviousely the rubber lip of the tire is not wide enough to protect the rim.

Any one of you experiencing the same thing???

I consider this a design flaw that should be covered by the warranty.
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We have Mike's here in Indiana. They do a good job, but I am careful not to go in when there is a very dirty/muddy vehicle in front of me. They also have an optional wheel/tire cleaner(actually white wall cleaner) brushes that will kill any wheel out there, thank God they were my snow wheels and not my dueces. The wheels were scratched so badly it blew my mind. Live and learn. :AR15firin

Choppersrule, If you didn't bring it to their attention when it happened you're SOL. That's what happened to me.
If I owned a GM product I would be worried, their paint is tooo soft, after 40 plus Mikes car washes(auto) the 300 paint looks great and so do the wheels(22'z), I hug the inside rub rail.

Hand washes are you those with time or own a vehicle that won't go through the car wash. Auto car washes have come a long way. Always wanted an auto wash that one of my Vipers would have gone through. Mike's is wonderful.

1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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