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Hi all - I've finally gone through the OE tires and am going to make the jump to 22s. All I have now is a Mopar intake and some light appearance upgrades (tinted windows, tinted tails and corners, black vinyl wrapped chrome trim, black plasti dipped emblems, LED interior swap, etc), so I'm excited to get the upgrades rolling. It's all black, and I'm going for a full murdered out look. It's an AWD which makes everything a little harder (and the reason for some questions below).

Here's the plan:
BC Racing coilovers
Black 22" rims
Corsa Sport or Xtreme (I'll save that debate for another thread!)
JET performance module
Some more minor appearance things - rear deck spoiler, painted calipers, etc

So, the questions for AWD owners with 22s. Any feedback or thoughts welcome!
- What's the widest rim width without any issues? Is 9.5 ok?
- Thoughts on 255 vs 265 tire width? Rubbing? And can 265 mount on an 8.5 rim and look right? (so many more options than 255/35r22)
- Will I need to make special accommodations to lower it ~1.5" with the coilovers? Spacers? Bubble gum and a prayer?

And here are the options! I think I've narrowed it down to these two.

1. Fathom FD-RA in satin black.

2. MRR 228 in gloss black (this one I have some curiosity on fitment, since it's wider and I can only find one site that seems to have the right size config) - I think it's a Camaro repro, but love the look
M228 Wheel - MRR Wheels

Any write-in ideas?

Previous ideas:
Forte Mistress - gloss black
F71 MISTRESS | Forte Wheels
Zenetti Capri - flat/gloss black
Zenetti Wheels | Capri Matte Black / Gloss Black Lip
Niche Targa in black
Targa - M130 - Niche Wheels

Also! Any recommendations on tires? I haven't decided if I'll buy winter tires for the stock rims yet, so I'd like to look at all-season tires. I'd really like them to be quiet and have relatively good tread life. Cooper Zeon? Parada? Cheap Nexen Roadian or Desert Storm?

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I say NO to the Jet Performance Module. Look to DiabloSport for a better option in a programmer.

I have no experience with lowering an AWD onto 22's so I can't answer your clearance questions.

I like the center section of the Fathom wheels, especially seen on the 300.

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Well, went with the fathom wheels. I tried to push for 255 tires, but a tire guy at CarId insisted the 265 would work well (and that they've been doing that for years). He gave the option of the Goodyear F1s, but the reviews are terrible on those. Even if they wear a little faster, they're so much cheaper than 255 tires, it'll all come out in the wash. Fathom even shows the wheels mounted with that size.

I had originally really wanted gloss black, but I think the satin black will hide brake dust a little better. I'll post pictures once they're all installed in a couple weeks!

I do still plan to lower it in the next couple months, so hopefully the extra width won't need spacers to make it work.

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Just put them on. The fit seems good and they sit completely flush (the front is a hair out actually). BC Racing coilovers will be put on in a few weeks to get rid of the wheel gap. Slowly transforming into the Batmobile!

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