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AWD 300C Owners... Can you turn AWD off?

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I'm curious as to whether All-Wheel-Drive 300C owners are still able to burn out or not... Are you able to turn off your AWD to do so, or do all 4 tires burn out when turning off Automatic Traction Control? Holla Back... :sly:
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What ET did you run?

Big Bob said:
Hi guys Big Bob here, this past 10/29/05 I got to take my 300C AWD to the drag strip at E Town N.J., having AWD I think it was a plus because when I punched it the 4 wheels dug in and I was launched, some of the others lost time spinning there wheels, no rubber smell but did good overall. Today I pulled out of a gas station and spun wheels why? Mack300 said it right the rear gears rule and that is good!

So Big Bob what kind of time did you run with your AWD?
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