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AWD 300C Owners... Can you turn AWD off?

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I'm curious as to whether All-Wheel-Drive 300C owners are still able to burn out or not... Are you able to turn off your AWD to do so, or do all 4 tires burn out when turning off Automatic Traction Control? Holla Back... :sly:
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Big Bob said:
Hi guys Big Bob here, this past 10/29/05 I got to take my 300C AWD to the drag strip at E Town N.J., having AWD I think it was a plus because when I punched it the 4 wheels dug in and I was launched, some of the others lost time spinning there wheels, no rubber smell but did good overall. Today I pulled out of a gas station and spun wheels why? Mack300 said it right the rear gears rule and that is good!
I ran my tire pressure up to 36PSI and was finally able to break the tires loose for a bit but the ride suffers.I'd rather run 26PSI & shock the $hit out of people when I launch as well as hook up into lower gears ( it makes me smile a lot !!). :evil: :banana: :evil:
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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