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AWD 300C Owners... Can you turn AWD off?

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I'm curious as to whether All-Wheel-Drive 300C owners are still able to burn out or not... Are you able to turn off your AWD to do so, or do all 4 tires burn out when turning off Automatic Traction Control? Holla Back... :sly:
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JeDiHemi said:
well, that sux... and u have a C too? i could understand the v6 not at all, but i would hope the hemi would... i guess i'm kinda glad i didn't wait for the awd and went ahead and got mine last november...
The engine has the power to spin the rear tires, it`s the rear gear that makes it hard to do so. But this is an advantage when racing .
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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