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I see a lot of discussion regarding width, diameter, offset, etc. However, I have heard that the AWD has some unique limitations. Can someone PLEASE confirm what width, offset, and bolt pattern, along with the best size tire for performance the '06 AWD can accomodate? I can't find anything definitive on the forum so far. I'm thinking 245/45's, but would like to go a bit wider if possible.
Don't want to go 22's, and also don't want a lower profile in the interest of getting the best combination of ride comfort and performance. I'm just a bit confused as to how going from a stock 18/7.5 to a 20 / ? will work.
Don't know squat about this stuff, so any and all expertise will be apprecaited..thanks folks.
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larrynipon said:
Wheel..20" TSW Kyalami...

Shop pushing me to a Goodyear RSA, but the reviews suck. My inclination is to go with a Summer Max performance, but not sure which brand. Since I have the stock 18" all-weather Conti's for the winter onths, I don't reeally need another all-weather setup.
20" 245 /45. Would like to go 255, or even 265, but rub factor is a nagging concern.
This Spring I'll be going with Zinik 18" wheels packaged wit B.F.Goodrich gForce T/AKDWIINT - 255/55VR18/RF.Past post have determined that this tire in this size has no problem fitting and no rubbing.This is a high profile-ultra-performance tire.You can check out [email protected] tire rack.
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