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Awd Offset/ Wheel And Tire Options

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I have been posting everywhere else around this forum with these same

questions but I guess I will bite the bullet and start my own thread and ask

Some infamous questions that I have not been able to find a straight answer


What is the "Suggested Offset" for a 2005/2006 AWD 300C?

What wheels have All of you "300cAWDRIVERS" put on?

20" ???? 22"???? What's your best bet with weight and clearance issues?

How big can you go with tires on a 22" rim (On an AWD)??? 40series dare I say 45series????

I don't wish to drop my vehicle... I live in North Idaho and the roads can go from fine and dandy to crap sandwich in 1 block.

What is up with the bolt in the wheel well??? and what is it connected to? and does it matter if you remove it????

I would be soooo appreciative of any help/input... and I know that the AWD's are moderately new... but someone has to have a straight answer to some of these questions..

This forum is friggin schweet!!!.. I love it, but I still need answers... :)
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No Knowledge

15 views and not 1 reply.... lame guys... come on and hit me with some knowledge... :p
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Danke' Shun'


You guys came through!!!!!!

I love it... I love this site even more now...!>>!>!>!.

And this wheel site is the Sh!T


but I do have one more idiotic question....

An offset of 42 would stick out less than or more than an offset of 35?

I know, I know, Dumb Question... but you guys rule... so hopefully you'll answer it.
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