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Yo, IF you got a 300c AWD and wana talk about it w/ other AWD owners this is the place to be.....

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AWD Wheels

I own an '05 AWD Silver C and I have a question about wheels. I'm not a big fan of the stock AWD wheels but I like the stock 18's on the RWD (see attached picture).

Does anyone know if these will work on an AWD and if not, why. I've read that the selection of aftermarket wheels is limited for the AWD but I can't find any info on the reason.

What's different about the AWD wheels?

Thanks for the info


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I don't have a direct profile shot but here are a couple pics of my Silver C from a couple slight angles.

Finch said:

Still trying to figure out how you have the same car I ordered in March, and isn't supposed to go into production until September? :confused:

I'm still trying to find a nice profile of a silver AWD so I can see the wheel gap they talk about here on this forum. You have one?


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Do you know why they won't fit properly? I've read several times that they don't but nobody has given an explanation.


moss said:
:wave: Hey guys, with respect to the stock "C" wheels - no, they won't fit properly on the C-AWD model. Aftermarket wheel options do exist, but are still limited in comparison (small market). Here's a thumbnail of the stock wheel gap.
OK, that makes sense. Thanks for the reply.

moss said:
It has to do with the wheel offset and required clearances. Look at the relative position of the wheel hub and the outer wheel itself on the stock AWD C. Compare this picture/measurement with other wheels and you'll find a variety of differences. Center hub measurements and offset vary according to manufacturer, use, etc. Improper offset can result in rubbing, tires protruding outside wheelwell, impingement, etc. Wyckoff Chrysler (sponsor) is one vendor offering a number of wheels suitable for AWD C.

Much more information available in the wheel/tire forum...depending upon how technical you want to get.
1 - 4 of 19 Posts
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