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Yo, IF you got a 300c AWD and wana talk about it w/ other AWD owners this is the place to be.....

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I have had a 300C AWD on order since April 30 and the dealer still tells me it is not scheduled for production at the plant yet. Can anyone tell me what the deal is with the stopped production on the AWD's and when they are starting back up?

It would be most appreciated!
Hey, you beat me to it! I also called someone I knew at DCX and they told me that the AWD C has a problem with the transmission working with the Hemi engine, but he didn't elaborate.

I was told that production will begin on Sept. 15th but there is a 2000 car backorder and they only build 100 per day.

I'm still hanging in there with my AWD order because winter is coming in Michigan soon - hopefully I'll have my car before that!
1 - 2 of 19 Posts
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