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AWD wheel shopping is tough!

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Hello all! I'm new here and there's a ton of good content here! Nicely done.

I'm having a hell of a time finding wheels for my son's
2013 300c because it's AWD.
I've been to many custom wheel shops around my area (Detroit) and finding what he wants is getting annoying.

He really just wants something that replicates the Hellcat wheels. Matte black. Preferably 20x9 in size.
I know 22's would look sweet, but I don't want them to effect the ride quality. It rolls pretty smooth with the 20's it currently has.

Everywhere I look, the description for the wheels don't specify if they'll work on an AWD 300c.

Can anyone help?
I will attach a photo of what he's looking for.

I appreciate any suggestions.
The white 300 isn't mine, but he likes the wheels. I know they're different than the hellcat replicas. Either one of these are great!
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Yes the AWD has a lot more offset. I suggest you use the Fitment Inc website, their website has a search option that includes offset. The factory wheel is a 19x7.5 with a 55mm offset.

Use a calculator like this to figure fitment Rim & Tire Size Calculator. Custom Offsets

Manufactures who make wheels with that much offset are limited, so pickings are slim and pricey, good luck.
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