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Well fellas I got the Borla/Mopar exhaust today from Wyco..? and it only took me and a buddy two hours to install. I had to find out if the standard RWD would in fact fit the AWD myself. I tried calling everyone about this issue and nobody had any answers for me. Yes they work and fit fine. The only problem that I faced is that the driver side exhaust rubs either the bumper or the frame depending on how you turn the muffler. I haven't found any solution to this yet so I've added three spacers to the last exhaust hanger and it barely rubs the frame when I drive over bumpy surfaces. I also applied left over sound deadener between the frame and exhaust to help out.
The power difference was noticed as soon as I started the car. It revs a little too fast now and I'm wondering how to avoid hitting the rev limiter so fast. It's like the trans can't keep up with the new rev speed and shifts late. I would like some input from anyone who has experienced the same.
One more thing for all the AWD owners out there. You can put on aftermarket wheels for the AWD now. More postings and info when I get pics for proof.
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