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took my car in on tuesday to get it bagged...hope to get it back this weekend...i'll post some pics of it as soon as i get some...

i'll have a set of eibach springs for sale if anyone wants them...had them on the car for 9 months

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AirRunner.... This company is the only company that i know that makes a true bolt on system for air ride.
StudioGuy said:
What is kinda pricey how much am i looking at?
It is $4390 for the kit.
smhaaz said:
AF300c Were can you get that price? I really havent asked around I asked one local shop and they charge 5,000 for air runner kit. Bagged what did you pay for your set up? :banana:
Sent you a pm.
SooNrdenL8r said:
Dayaam 5 g's. I got my navi bagged for 4. Y is it so much for this ride?
The AirRunner set up is not made for showing off. Yea it can be done to show off but its doesn't raise the car fast and drop it fast. It is made for more quality and comfort. The system is a direct bolt on system which replaces everything from the spring to the shock and comes with 4-way adjustable KYB shocks which are made specifically for the system. You are basically paying for quality. As for the ride comfort, I cant complain. It is not bouncy at all and to me, it rides better then stock.
SooNrdenL8r said:
oh okay..i got you is that the running price for that set up? and couldn't you go faster with bigger lines or valves?
You would be able to go faster if you were to get electronic valves with a remote control. That is what Stinasaurus has on her car, but she paid more for that. The car can be raised and lowered with a control the size of a control for an alarm.
well this set up is basically for the front and back to go up and down. The manual valves are on the switches itself. But Stinasaurus got another set of electronic valves so she can controll the air ride suspension when she is not in the car. Its pretty cool people trip out on it when the car is moving by itself with no one around. So this is not your typical air bag system that you would see at car shows and make loud noises when the car drops or raises really fast. This system isn't really loud at all. All in all its worth every penny and if you ever get tired of it, you can just swap out all the parts for the stock stuff since it is just all bolt on.
1 - 6 of 36 Posts
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