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Hey everyone,

Just got back from the car show, and yes there are some nice cars there, but IMO SRT-8 is my Favie :) Just sitting in the car makes me wanna lock the doors and just pretend that I am driving this wild Beast...I must say getting into the car feels like putting on a fine tailored suit that you just can't afford, but here is the cool part it IS affordable :rolleyes: The only negative thing I can say about the SRT-8, and it is very minor is the back leg room. Due to the thick bolstered seats you sacrifice some legroom in the back, but who cares. This is a 425 HP Fun car, and how often do you have 4-5 people in the car?

One thing I did not know about the SRT-8 is that the battery is located in the trunk. This car to touch and to look at in person made my wife almost want one now, but gotta wait a year to get some stuff outta the way first...

Very jealous of anyone out there that will be getting one soon!!
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