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I absolutely despise the stock halogen bulbs on my 300. They're not bright and there's hardly a difference between Hi/Lo beams.
my previous vehicle was a 2010 fusion which i had 8000k HIDs as the highbeams and stock halogen for the low beams.
This was a great setup, as i usually drive i drive a lot on unlit highways in the dead of night when no one else is on the road, and i didn't have to blind the occasional oncoming vehicle with HID's. but with the '11-'17 300 being dual beam that solution won't work,
and as far as i can tell bi-xenon are the reverse of what i'm looking for. Any suggestions to help me achieve this?

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You can upgrade your halogen headlights to either an OEM HID pair or an aftermarket pair.

Another option is to modify your stock headlight capsules to add projectors and HID bulbs & ballasts.

Contact the folks at Diode Dynamics, a supporting vendor here, for some options.
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